At home workouts

Okay hey guys I know it’s been a minute since I’ve posted something but adulting and College have been getting the best of me 😅. 

So I really wanna talk about at home workouts and how to put them together and do them to get a TRUE workout in. There’s so many of you that have been wanting stuff to do at home and I’m gonna explain how I make my workouts and how to go through them. As usual if you don’t know some of the exercises that I list feel free to comment or ask me about it and you can also find them on YouTube 🙂

Anyway, so by at home workout I DO NOT mean do squats and mountain climbers for 3 minutes and expect to have abs. I FOR REAL hate that lol… Results will not come quick like that. You have to put in the time and effort and consistency is key 🔑 !!! I know that we all want instant gratification but I PROMISE that working out is a process but it’s so worth it. Our generation sleeps on delayed gratification but don’t even get me started with that 🙄

So here’s how I like doing at home workouts:

I’ll make three “mini circuits” and each one will include 2-4 different exercises. Depending on what you are lifting. I’m going to put together a full body at home workout for this example.
The first exercise of the mini circuit is a lift, the second is ideally some type of cardio type movement, and the third is either abs or holding the position of the lift. 

I will do all three exercises with about 15s of rest between each one and then I will rest after I do them each for 90 seconds and repeat the mini circuit. Feel free to fluctuate with your rest time between your mini circuit but no more then 2 minutes. One you complete the mini circuit 2-3 times, move onto the next one. How many times you do each mini circuit is based on YOUR athletic ability and what kind of shape you are in. 

Here’s a full body day I do, feel free to hit me up for modifications or questions. This is a great one to do once a week or so 😊 

  1. Squat
  2. Squat jumps
  3. Squat hold
  1. Push ups
  2. Burpees
  3. Plank hold
  1. Glute bridge
  2. Mountain climbers
  3. Plank hold with leg lifts

Obviously when you workout at home you don’t have to do full body. You can totally do a full leg day from home, like I did that last week like twice cause I just was too lazy to get in the gym 😅 I’m gonna put up a lil video I took of some leg day stuff I did at home so definitely watch that and check out the exercises and maybe incorporate it into yo next leggggie day ☺️


this video is so raw and unedited so don’t judge me at alllll for how goofy I look and for picking a wedgie 🙈😅🤷🏽‍♀️

  1. Donkey kick backs
  2. Fire hydrants 
  3. Diaganol kick back 
  4. Squat jumps 

^^^ mini circuit I included in my leg daaaay hit me up for full details on the workout 😘

Thanks so much for reading guuuys 🙂



Weight lifting (basic plans)

Hey guys!! 

I’m so excited to post this blog because I really want to start getting you guys some solid workouts so that you all get can in the gym & start making those gains. Like for real, summer is only 3 months away 😍. 

Like I mentioned last week, I started out lifting 3x a week. 2 leg days, 1 upper body day. I know there’s some of you who might want to be in the gym more than three days a week, but if you are anything like me at that time (in college, busy, a little lazy, have a job, have a social life) then three days is definitely sufficient. 

Here’s the plan I would recommend for all beginners who haven’t lifted weights consistently in their life.

Leg day #1

  • Squat 3×15
  • Deadlift 3×15
  • 1 leg RDL 3×15
  • Thrusts 3×15

Upper body 

  • Bench press 3×15
  • Push ups 3×12
  • Superset: front shoulder raise//side shoulder raise 3×10 
  • Tricep dips 3×10
  • 21s (one set)

Leg day #2

  • Goblet squat 3×15
  • Superset: lunges//squat jumps 3×10
  • Step ups 3×10
  • Wall sits 3x45s

*superset means to do the first exercise and then immediately do the second one with no rest between them. 
Ok, so you can read these workouts and maybe YouTube how to exactly do each movement but for me, I feel like it’s SO much better to do a lift when you know exactly how the movement should feel, and what muscles you should feel burning. 
The great and also complicated part of lifting is that one exercise doesn’t necessarily just work out one specific muscle group. 

For example, you can get on a leg extension machine (if you guys don’t know what that is plz google it because it took me a long time to come up with how to phrase this and I want you to understaaaand 🙏🏽) and you can do leg extensions 3×10 to work your quadriceps (thighs). 

OR, you could do goblet squat to work your thighs… if you’ve done goblet squat, you already know that your quads are hardly the only place that you feel a burn. 

Goblet squat works-

  • Quads
  • Abs!!!
  • Glutes
  • Lower back 

Long story short, doing workouts with only machines limits your movement and doesn’t work your whole body in ways that lifting weights does. So, after leg day, your abs might also be sore. But who is complaining about that right?! You’re for real making your tummy flat and your ass fat and if that isn’t a good feeling then I don’t even know what is 🤷🏽‍♀️. 

So I’m just going to make notes on a couple of the exercises so that you guys can be able to think WHILE you do this lift about what muscles you are using (mind over muscle connection is sooooo so important). 

Also something to note is that for ANY of these workouts, you can use barbells or dumbells just whatever your gym or studio has to use. And if you have questions or need at home modifications please hit me up, I got you 😘😘

Leg day 1- 

So squat is pretty obvious, just focus on pushing from your heels and SQUEEZE your butt when you get to the top of the squat (it looks ugly but it’s necessary). 

Deadlift is a tough one but you basically are going to feel this in your hamstrings (back of your leg under your butt), glutes, lower back, and abs. For real guys get on my Instagram and watch the video of me deadlifting, YouTube it, etc. it’s a complex lift and kind of intimidating but it’s the best lift to do right after squat and it’s movements like this that really engage your core (way more than crunches or basic ab exercises). If you need extra help and live nearish to me then hit me up and we can do this lift together so you can really get it down 😇👌🏽

1 leg RDL is similar to deadlift but with one leg. YouTube that one, it requires balance… I still have to hold a wall when I do it but I hope you guys have better balance than me 🤷🏽‍♀️🙈 

Thrusts you can YouTube they are super easy but still really work your hamstrings and glutes. Also with this one use your heels to push yourself rather than the balls or middle of your foot. 

The main focuses I want in your mind when you do upper body is to focus on your chest muscles when you bench, and when you do push ups. If you’re brain isn’t focused on your pecs then the workout really isn’t even worth doing!! 

Also a big thing to think about: both shoulder raises really work your abs, especially the front ones. Have your body be completely still and keep your core tight. Focus on your shoulders and core 👌🏽

The leg day two is pretty self explanatory but if you do have questions you can get @ me ☺️

Ok so I think I’ve spit enough truth on you guys for one daaay so thanks again for reading 🤓

Next post is going to be about upper body day and why it’s so important and how to get a good workout in and NO it won’t make you manly!!!!!

❤️😘 Aurora

First blog post: why I’m blogging & how I workout

So first off, welcome to my page.

I’m pretty much deciding to start blogging for a couple reasons-

1: I have 0 contact with anyone in the fitness industry, I am really hoping for a way to branch out and meet people who have the same passion and love for the gym that I do.

2: There’s people out there who want to get in shape or start lifting but have no idea how to… I would know, because I have been there. I’m hoping my blog is a way that people who are interested in getting in shape can learn not just how to do certain “lifting” exercises, but hopefully eventually YOU can put the workouts together yourself.

3: For the friends and people in my life that have been asking me what I do in the gym, what I eat at home, and how I’ve been making muscular gains while burning off fat.

So, if that’s something you are interested in then you’re definitely reading the right blog 😉

I’m assuming if you are here that you are interested in getting in shape one way or another. I am very biased when it comes to how I think the most effective way of “getting in shape” is. I strongly (hehe pun) believe that weight lifting is the most efficient way to get your “goal body”. Nope, not running on the treadmill, not tons of body weight exercises that you’ll do for 5 minutes a day for your “summer bod”, real weight lifting. Like, having a barbell on your back when you squat, picking up heavy dumbbells, feeling like a bad ass…

I started lifting weights in September 2015, doing leg day Mondays and Fridays, and an upper body day on Wednesdays. Now, March 2017, I do leg day on the same days, upper body on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and an ab/full body day on Wednesday. Obviously not everyone has time to be at the gym like that, and to be honest, it’s not even necessary to lift every day. I promise you that 3 days a week of lifting (like how I started out) will get you more results than doing an hour of running on a treadmill 7 days a week.

But WHY:

here are the main reasons that I love to tell people who ask me why I lift,

1: you are building muscle. As you build muscle, it will add weight to your body, and a lot of people look at that as “bulking up” or being “too manly”… Literally discard that thought from your mind and never EVER let it back in!!!! PLZ.

Think of it like this: you have your body, you start lifting, you gain weight from the muscle you put on. The muscle that you add to your body has (obviously) raised the % of muscle mass… higher % muscle mass, lower % of fat. In addition, when you have more muscle mass, your metabolism is increased. When your metabolism is higher, it makes it so that you burn more throughout your day without any extra effort applied. So once you have a significant amount of muscle, you will be able to burn fat easier with your higher metabolism.

Kinda dope, right?

2: treadmills/steady state cardio will never EXCITE your muscles. I use the word excite because when you are on a treadmill, you generally are doing the same speed, same incline, for the whole duration of your workout… our bodies are TOUGH and adapt so quickly to that workout, we don’t even realize that our muscles won’t even feel exhausted because they are so bored of that workout. When I first started squatting heavy weights, I seriously couldn’t walk normal for like 2 days. No, it wasn’t painful, I was just so sore from the change in my workout. Which ok, don’t get me wrong it can be kind of painful but the pain is the most rewarding pain you’ll ever feel. But anyway I am kind of getting off topic (just so y’all know that will probably be my biggest struggle while blogging).

So you guys get the gist of this right? Weight training is such a great way to get the body you have always wanted. I’ll post some pictures so you guys can see the gains I have made the past year and a half in the gym OR if you want, follow ya girl on instagram: aurorasmithxo.

For my next blog I’ll go more into detail of my basic lifting plan which will include lifting two leg days and one upper body so stay tuned guys ☺️

Thanks for reading 😘